PRP May Get You Back in the Game Sooner

Platelet Rich Plasma in Sports Medicine
  • April 28, 2021
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PRP May Get You Back in the Game Sooner - Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute of New Braunfels

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelets are small components found in the blood. They play an important role in the clotting of blood. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains proteins that aid with the treatment of injuries and is said to help athletes return to their sport sooner than treatments without it.

Why Use Platelet Rich Plasma for Sports Injuries?

Platelet rich plasma has become popular in sports medicine for treating injuries such as long-lasting tendon problems (tendonitis of the elbow for example), pulled muscles, and sprains or help with recovery from a surgery. So, how does it work? Platelet rich plasma contains growth factors, which is why it can help with healing. It is created using some of the patient’s blood and then condensing the blood while keeping all of the platelets.

After the PRP is prepared, your physician will use one of two methods to help speed up recovery:

  • Through injection. The PRP is injected directly into the affected site with a mix of local anesthetic.
  • During surgery. PRP can also be applied to injuries during surgery.

What Can it Treat?

Platelet rich plasma can be used to treat several different types of injuries and conditions. PRP is well known for treating sports injuries such as knee sprains and muscle injuries. PRP can be effective in treating chronic tendon injuries. As previously mentioned, platelet rich plasma can also aid in the recovery of tissue after certain types of surgeries.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma Right for You?

While PRP treatments show a lot of promise in treating certain injuries, researchers continue to investigate the effectiveness in treating other conditions. Platelet rich plasma treatments have also been associated with minimal risks.

To find out if you could benefit from PRP, give our office a call today at (830) 625-0009 to set up a consultation or request an appointment online.

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